Voters proposed to give the right to recall deputies

Yakut, the Deputy from “United Russia” Viktor Fyodorov has proposed to develop a mechanism that will allow voters to revoke the regional and municipal parliamentarians. With the initiative he will speak to the party leadership, TASS reported on Thursday, June 1.

According to Fedorov, who heads the Committee of the state Assembly of Yakutia on economic and investment policy deputies should be required to report to the public ahead of the fall election campaign.

“Unfortunately, there are cases of disappearance deputies out of sight of the voters once elected into Parliament,” — said the politician.

He is confident that the control mechanism for parliamentarians on the part of citizens can prescribe in legislation. Specifically, the Yakut, the Deputy did not specify. “To avoid misunderstandings” Fyodorov said that this mechanism will not be used to “eliminate unwanted MPs by political considerations.”

On may 2, according to Regnum, the Prosecutor’s office began checking the legality of the income Fedorov, which by the end of 2016, earned most of his colleagues 114.1 million rubles.

12 April, “Kommersant” wrote that the Yakut deputies proposed to oblige the regional and municipal deputies to conduct surveys about their work among their constituents. Their results, according to the intention of the legislator, must be provided annually before April 1 of the Declaration on incomes and property.