The WSJ learned about the creation of the White house special group on the “case of Russia”

The WSJ learned about the creation of the White house special group on the “case of Russia”

The White house will be a special group of lawyers, PR people and analysts who will be engaged “the Russian affair”, writes the WSJ. They will communicate with journalists and investigators to the staff of the administration trump are not distracted by it.

The White house will be a special group that will deal with all the issues on the so-called “Russian cause.” We are talking about interaction with the media and investigators, the newspaper the Wall Street Journal, citing sources familiar with the discussion of this initiative.

The new team will consist of lawyers, analysts and PR specialists.

They will answer questions of journalists and employees of law enforcement agencies that relate to “the Russian intervention in the elections” and alleged collusion of the staff of the White house with the Russian representatives.

The group will be created at the initiative of the head of staff of Primus Raines, chief strategist Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner, senior adviser of the American President. It is unclear when the group will begin its work and who exactly will go there.

The WSJ explains that this structure is necessary due to the increased attention to Russia in the American media. According to the sources, some senior White house officials already were searching for the lawyers to answer the allegations and attacks of journalists.

One of the sources in the administration of the American President in an interview with the newspaper said that the group needed to staff the White house focused on their agenda and carried out their duties, not distracted by the story.

Press Secretary of the President Sean Spicer refused to comment and redirected the question.

Last week Reuters, citing sources in the presidential administration said that the White house will be created “operational headquarters” that will help policy-makers to interact with the U.S. justice Department and respond to leaks in the American media. According to the Agency, staff must log Kushner, ‘bannon and former Manager of the campaign headquarters trump Corey Lewandowski.

In the United States for several months are investigating a case of possible intervention of Russia in election. The Kremlin has repeatedly denied. To investigate relationships trump with the Russian representatives in the United States appeared the special Prosecutor. He was the former FBI Director Robert Mueller.