The white house asked the U.S. Supreme court to restore the action of the migration decree

The US administration sent on June 1 in the Supreme court (SC) of the country a petition for renewal of the decree of the President of Donald trump on a temporary ban on the entry of citizens of the six countries. About it reports Reuters.

“We appealed to the Supreme court that they have heard this important matter and confirmed that the decree trump was signed in the framework of its statutory powers, carried out to protect people and society from the terrorist threat,” — said press Secretary of the US Department of justice Sarah Isgur Flores.

In turn, the activists of the American civil liberties Union, said he has sought the revocation of this decree and intend to do it again.

If any satisfy the request of the administration, the ban will take effect immediately. To do this, from the nine judges for him to vote five.

A second decree to toughen immigration policy was signed by Donald trump on March 6. The document had 90 days to deny entry to USA citizens of Iran, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia and the Sudan and to suspend the program of reception of refugees in 120 days. The document was blocked by a court decision in Hawaii.

The first anti-immigrant Ordinance trump signed on January 27. The order of the President caused a wave of protests in the United States and later the decree was blocked by a judge of the court of Appeals for the ninth circuit in San Francisco.