The share of opponents of the exam among Russians has reached a ten-year high

A ten-year high reached the share of Russians who do not approve of the unified state exam (use), informed “Interfax” on Friday, June 2, in the “Public opinion Foundation” (FOM).

According to a survey by FOM, against the current approach to the assessment of knowledge of school graduates today are two-thirds (66 percent) of the respondents. The majority of respondents (74%) advocating for a return to the old system of entrance examinations to universities.

Critics of the exam say it’s too much of a load for children (20 percent), obtaining a superficial knowledge in preparation for the tests (14 percent), accident assessment (12 percent) and the complexity of jobs (six percent).

Supporters of the existing system of testing make up a fifth of respondents FOM (20 percent). They argue that the exam encourages students to learn, which increases the quality of knowledge (five percent). Among the defenders of the unified state examination there are also ones to consider it a form of anti-corruption and cheating.

The survey was conducted in may among 1,5 thousand respondents in 104 settlements of the 54 regions of Russia at the age of 18 years.