The Museum visitor was allowed to spend a night in a Rembrandt painting

The Museum visitor was allowed to spend a night in a Rembrandt painting

Guide art the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam for the first time allowed the visitor to spend the night alone in front of the famous Rembrandt painting “Night watch”.

In such way, the Museum awarded its 10 millionth visitor, who was a school teacher Stefan Kasper.

“I only slept two feet away from the “Night watch”. It’s magical, I still can’t believe it!” — Citycom Casper Agence France-Presse.

The owner of the winning ticket said that he left the Museum absolutely alone all night, and on the floor specifically for him to roll out the red carpet.

In addition, Casper was able to dine dishes prepared for him Schaaf chef fine dining restaurant RIJKS.

According to an overnight visitor, he also managed to walk through the empty halls of the Museum and take a few selfies.

Casper admitted that he is not an ardent admirer of Rembrandt, however, for the night was able to look at znamenituyu the wizard a new look.

“I saw characters that I never noticed that before. They came to life in front of me. It’s an experience that will remain forever in my memory,” he said.

“Night watch” is one of the most famous paintings by Rembrandt; a painting was created in 1642, by order of the detachment of the civilian militia of the Netherlands.

The building of the Rijksmuseum was reconstructed in 1906 specifically for the posting of this picture.