The lower house of Japan’s Parliament approved a law on otrechenie Emperor

Emperor Akihito

The lower house of Japan’s Parliament approved a special bill on the abdication of Emperor Akihito. It is reported Japan Today.

The bill was designed specifically for the 83-year-old Emperor, who will be able to pass Hrizantemovym the throne to the heir to the throne crown Prince Naruhito.

Time of renunciation will be determined within three years after the adoption of the law. The sources reported that it might occur in December 2018, when Emperor Akihito will celebrate 85 years.

The preparation of the legal basis for a possible lifetime of renunciation Akihito was started after he announced his desire to compete in a televised address to the nation in August last year. The Emperor said that due to old age it gets harder and harder to perform their duties.

The law of succession must gain approval in the upper house of the Japanese Parliament — the House of councillors of Japan. The vote is scheduled for June 9.

Currently, Japanese law on the Imperial house does not provide lifetime abdication of the Emperor.