The attack on the hotel in Manila was a robbery attempt

The attack on the hotel in the Philippine capital Manila, was not related to terrorism and were criminal in nature. As reported by Reuters, said the chief of the national police of the Philippines Ronald de La Rosa.

According to him, the action alone broke into the casino on the third floor of the hotel complex Resorts World Manila. People he didn’t. The perp doused gaming tables with gasoline and set on fire, trying to steal chips.

In this case, the panic has hit 25 people — mostly due to fractures and smoke inhalation. Gunshot wounds no one.

The police entered the building. The suspect, according to police, he committed suicide. His body was found in one of the hotel rooms. The signs, he was white and spoke English.

Commenting on statements by banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state”, the chief of police called it propaganda.

In the South these days is the ongoing anti-terrorist operation against the militants. Fighting between rebels and government troops in Mindanao began on 22 may. The terrorists launched an offensive in Marawi city on may 23. The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte introduced in the region under martial law.