Terrorists stopped at the “Teply Stan”

Terrorists stopped at the “Teply Stan”

The explosion in the Moscow metro was prepared by correspondence.

As it became known””, employees of FSB, detained on 25 may four members of the banned in Russia organization “Islamic state” has prevented a series of terrorist attacks in Moscow. Their first goal, according to the testimony of militants, was to be a restaurant where “eat pork infidels”, and the second passengers at the metro station “Teply Stan”. With explosions, orders for which came from Syria, the terrorists wanted to disrupt the holding in the capital of the Confederation Cup in football.

According to sources, “b”, operation on detention of participants of a terrorist underground was both carried out by employees UFSB across Moscow and area in three near each other homes in the capital district of Novo-Peredelkino. Each of them is supporters shot through the apartment, turning one of them in the house N14 on the Novoperedelkinskaya street, a shop for the production of explosive devices. In the apartment, in particular, was discovered five-liter container with the electrolyte, with hydrogen peroxide and acetone, which were used for the production of initiating explosive — acetone peroxide; radiosonde, wires, packs of nuts and screws. There was ready a homemade high-explosive bomb disguised as a car fire extinguisher. Inside it was laid so-called mixed explosives based on ammonium nitrate and sugar, as well as amazing elements: screws and nuts. The “infernal machine” were operated remotely through the door radiosonde.

Exactly the same bomb, according to experts of the FSB, was used for the terrorist attack on 3 April in Saint-Petersburg subway. Of seized machine guns and grenades.

Detained, and then arrested the Meshchansky district court on petition of the investigator of the FSB Department of the capital turned out to be movers working for the company, which produces Coca-Cola: citizens of Uzbekistan Furkat eat and muhammadyusuf Ashurov, arrived in the capital from Bukhara, Tajik Abdushukur Holmirzaev and native of Dagestan Magomed Davudov. All four of us immediately decided to cooperate with the investigation. And only one of them, Holmirzaev, said that in the terrorist underground he was not, but friends have used it blindly.

In turn, the other three said that “voluntarily and knowingly” swore allegiance to ISIS, and one of them, Davudov, answering the investigator’s question, was he involved in a terrorist organization, even indignant: “I a statement of withdrawal from the “Islamic state” is not written”.

As it turned out, the first under the influence of the extremists got Ashurov. It all started with the fact that he is in the “Classmates” became acquainted with his countryman, now living in Turkey. He gave him to understand that cooperates with the leaders of IG, and the details transferred to Muhammadyusuf using more secure from his point of view, the messenger Telegram. By Telegram a few months of correspondence in which they discussed religious topics, Ashurov gave his new friend a Bayat (oath), thus sworn allegiance to the Islamic state.

Sitting as a loader at the plant, already convinced by the time an extremist Ashurov persuaded to cooperate with terrorists who worked there Kuchaeva, Holmirzaeva and Davudova. “After meeting with Muhammad (asked to call themselves Ashurov.— “Kommersant”), we had a long conversation in which we spoke about the need to build a world Caliphate, living under Sharia law and Holy war against infidels,” — said one of the defendants in the investigation. According to him, all three of them gradually imbued with these ideas. Moreover, Muhammad endeared them to cooperate with the IG stories about how to live well fighters in Syria. Supposedly they have several beautiful wives, expensive cars, and live in the villas.

Muhammad said that all they can go to Syria and even become commanders of combat units with salaries from €2 thousand, but first must prove themselves in Russia, to “earn respect”.

According to the next instructions received by Telegram from Turkey, they had to commit acts of terrorism in Moscow on the eve of the confederations Cup in football.

Purpose they were given to choose for ourselves. At first, they wanted to undermine the restaurant where “eat pork infidels.” The curator approved of the idea, but it is recommended that Muhammad himself did not participate in the action and generally “their hands to do nothing”, as in the course of the investigation, law enforcement will certainly be on the performers. “But we still need you,” he admonished the companion of the leader of the new cell IG. In the end, as appears from their correspondence, “watermelon” (as the terrorists called the bomb) agreed to lay Davudov. This idea again got the approval: “Dagestanis — they are Russian, and their smaller check”.

Initially it was planned to build a bomb coming a specialist from Samara, who wanted to move into my own apartment, so he went unnoticed. Then the apartment had to settle by “brother, who will arrange fireworks (that is, a terrorist attack.— “Kommersant”)”. However, the miner for some reason has not arrived, and the bomb Moscow militants had to collect himself. They did it according to the scheme received from abroad. As a result, they received a “watermelon” in the form of fire extinguisher.

However, after some discussion, the militants decided that it is easier and more efficient to have a blast in the restaurant, and the closest metro station “Teply Stan”. After learning that all four know the station, the curator agreed with the initiative. Approved it and that the gunmen after the main explosion was going to use against passengers, grenades and machine guns.

Ready for the action, the fighters went several times to the station to explore, and then to a nearby teahouse arranged a meeting, discussing the seen.

In the end, according to the investigation, it was decided to hold the evening one Friday when, according to conspirators, the station will be especially crowded. Moreover, it was assumed that Ashurov will remove the attack itself and its consequences on the camera phone. The recording was planned to be sent to Turkey, and then put it on the Internet.

In turn, the performers after the RAID, the organizer promised to pass through certain Trustees new documents, money and even tickets for the flight to Turkey. None of them had no idea that all four in fact in the role of suicide bombers.

In the UFSB for Moscow and the Moscow region, whose staff have prevented the attacks, and now investigating a criminal case believe that the terrorist groups were United by the idea of Islamic fundamentalism, OPG had established a clear distribution of roles, provided the system of counteraction to law enforcement and conspiracy, as well as their own safety. As noted in the special forces, the militants were to commit a crime “special impudence and cruelty”, realizing that it may have the most serious consequences.

Sergei Mashkin