Shooting at the hem

Shooting at the hem

Wanted for plotting the assassination of Vladimir Putin injured in Kiev during the interview.

In Kiev, an attempt on the native of Chechnya Adam Osmayev, who is wanted for the preparation of the assassination of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov. The killer, disguised as a journalist who met the accused in absentia with the Adam Osmayev, who fought in the South-East as part of a battalion “Kiev-2”, seriously wounded him with a pistol. To kill Adam Osmayev was prevented by his wife Emine akuyev, vystrelivshey person from your premium gun. Ukrainian politicians believe that the killer, who had with him the passport of the citizen of this country, was an agent of the Russian special services.

The incident occurred in the historic center of Kiev at the hem. On Thursday evening, Adam Osmayev and his wife Emine akuyev arrived there to meet up with some of Alex Werner, presented to them by the correspondent of the French newspaper Le Monde. According to preliminary data, during the meeting, Adam Osman was driving his car, and his companion is located to the right of it.

At some point, the journalist pulled out of the package box, saying that it is a gift to Adam Osmayev, and opening it, suddenly pulled out a Glock and shot in the chest of his companion.

The wound was severe, but not fatal — between Adam Osmaev and the attackers began fighting, during which he twice wounded Chechens in the arm and leg. At this point, who was in the back seat of Amin akuyev several shots and wounded the attacker Osmayev. It should be noted that the woman used premium a pistol that is received for participation in combat operations in the battalion of militia “Kyiv-2” in the South-East of Ukraine. The same gun and was awarded the Adam Osmayev, whose trunk was left in the holster.

According to one version, to finish Adam Osmayev killer failed because his gun jammed cartridge case.

Perhaps it happened during the struggle: being wounded Adam Osmayev tried to snatch weapons from the hands of the attacker.

Both wounded were taken to a 17-th city hospital of Kyiv, where they received the necessary assistance and took custody.

According to the documents that have been discovered the attacker, he is a citizen of Ukraine Alexander Dakar. However, employees of law enforcement bodies have already questioned the authenticity of its foreign and civil passports, paying in particular attention to the fact that both documents were written in roughly the same numbers of February last year. Besides, in the breast of Alexander Dakar was a tattoo with the inscription in Arabic “Allah Akbar” (Allah is the greatest.— “Kommersant”). Note that Muslims are not to decorate their bodies with tattoos, in addition to religious themes.

MIA of Ukraine believes that the assailant was going to shoot not only Adam Osmaev and his wife.

Criminal case about attempt at murder of two and more persons (article 15 of part 2, article 115 of the criminal code). At the same time representatives of the Ministry have already stated that as a priority versions of the incident are considering the revenge of the spouses for their “Patriotic position”. In turn, several Ukrainian politicians made statements about the fact that assassination, as the recent murder who escaped to this country ex-the Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Boronenkov, are Russian special services.

Adam Osman became famous after he in 2012 was arrested on charges of plotting the assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The plot was discovered after the apartment in Odessa, which was rented of Adam Osmayev, his countryman Ruslan madayev and Kazakh citizen Ilya Pyanzin, a massive explosion. Ruslan madayev, who, as it turned out, this time prepared explosives, capable of burning through armor, died at the scene, and his comrades detainees testified that they wanted to use the bomb to attack the motorcade of Vladimir Putin. Besides, it turned out that Adam Osmayev is already wanted on charges of plotting the assassination of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, prevented by employees of FSB in Moscow.

Ilya Pyanzin Ukraine has extradited to Russia, and he the verdict of the Moscow city court has sentenced a ten-year term. In turn, Adam Osmayev escaped extradition largely through the activity of his wife and invited her lawyers and human rights defenders. They reached the European court of human rights, which banned the extradition of Chechens to their homeland, believing that there he threatens violence on the part of other natives of Chechnya.

November 18, 2014, the Primorsky district court of Odessa released Adam Osmayev. The accusations of terrorism against him was closed. The court found him guilty of illegal handling of explosives, reckless destruction of another’s property and forgery of document. Adam Osmayev was sentenced to 2 years 9 months 14 days imprisonment, but he had already served this period while under investigation.

After the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine Adam Osmayev and his wife joined the so-called Chechen peacekeeping battalion behalf of Dzhokhar Dudayev, under the command of their countryman ISA Munayev. However, in early 2015, this unit was completely destroyed by the militia in the battle for Debaltsevo, and its commander was killed. After that, Adam Osmayev and amine akuyev joined team “Kiev-2”.

Nikolai Sergeyev