Poltavchenko said the lack of application of the ROC for the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral

Georgy Poltavchenko

The Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko told reporters that the city government still has not received an official application of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) to transfer her use of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, reports “Interfax”.

“Passing St. Isaac’s Cathedral can take place when two conditions are met: the appeal of ROC and full compliance with all legislative procedures,” — said the Governor.

Earlier in may, the head of the legal Department of the Moscow Patriarchate abbess Xenia Chernega said that the deadline to apply for the transfer of the Cathedral not specified in the law. The decision about when to submit this document, the ROC will take on their own.

“How will the situation with Isaac, we don’t know. It all depends on when it will be discontinued the right of operational management of the Museum, before or after the decision on the transfer of the object,” said Chernega.

Subject to a referendum in this case, she said, no, as this procedure is carried out under the current Federal law on restitution.

May 17 may, the legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg took the question of a referendum about membership of the Cathedral off the agenda. “MP Borys Ivchenko proposed to remove this question and was supported by 38 deputies,” — said the information Department of the city Parliament. On 26 may, the court dismissed the claim of the supporters of the referendum about the inaction of the deputies.

In January, the authorities of Northern capital have agreed on the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral to the gratuitous use of the Church for 49 years. The Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko said that the Museum function of the building will be saved. The possibility of such transfer has angered citizens of the city, which they held a series of meetings and tried to organize a referendum.