Media reported about the possible resignation of Johnson from the post of the foreign Minister of Britain

Boris Johnson

The British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson may leave his post after the parliamentary elections. On Friday, June 2, the newspaper the Times, citing sources in the ruling Conservative party.

According to the newspaper, Prime Minister Theresa may is considering the appointment of the head of the foreign office David Davis, who currently heads the Department of a British exit from the EU.

Minister of Brexit, in turn, can become the Deputy of the house of Commons, Ben Gummer.

The newspaper notes that the scale of future changes in the government depends on the results of the parliamentary elections. If the conservatives will win a convincing victory, this will strengthen the Mae.

Johnson was one of the leaders of the campaign in support of the country’s withdrawal from the European Union. He was a potential rival to may in the struggle for the post of leader of the Conservative party after David Cameron as Prime Minister. However, later refused to nominate his candidacy.

On June 8 at the initiative of the Prime Minister in Britain will be held early parliamentary elections. Conservatives believe that they will strengthen their position in Parliament on the eve of the active phase of the output of the United Kingdom from the European Union.