Maduro will announce new draft of the Constitution to a referendum

Nicolas Maduro

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on the results of the constituent Assembly to submit to a referendum draft of the new Constitution of the country. As reported RIA Novosti, such a statement he made on state television.

“A new, reformed Constitution will go to an Advisory referendum, the people decided whether he wants it or not,” said Maduro.

The reform of the basic law will be engaged in the constituent Assembly, convened on the initiative of the head of state.

Decision Maduro, which he announced earlier, led to mass protests and severe criticism from the opposition calling it a coup attempt.

Mass protests of people dissatisfied with the rule of the socialists, continued in the country since the beginning of April. They Express dissatisfaction with the economic situation and require the appointment of early elections. The number of victims of collisions has exceeded 50.