The white house explained the delay with the transfer of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem

Donald Trump

The US state Department has published an official explanation of the reasons for the delay of the transfer of the Embassy from tel Aviv to Jerusalem. About it reports Reuters.

“The President [Donald] trump has repeatedly reaffirmed its intention to move the Embassy, — said in the text of the document. — The question is not the necessity of this step, the problem is the time.” Trump, according to American diplomats, deliberately delayed the crossing, “to increase the chances of success of the negotiation process and the agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.”

Earlier, the US President has repeatedly stated that he supports the transfer of the Embassy.

On 30 July 1980, Israel declared Jerusalem its indivisible capital. Three weeks later, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution according to which Organization does not recognize Israel’s right to East Jerusalem and considers it occupied. In this regard, to implement the provisions of this resolution, all member countries of the UN had to withdraw their diplomatic missions from Jerusalem. Now all embassies are located in tel Aviv. In 1995, the US Congress decided to move the us diplomatic mission to Jerusalem, but it still has not been implemented yet.