The foreign Ministry said on access of unidentified persons in the Russian real estate market in the United States

Maria Zakharova

Unidentified persons have access to those arrested in the US real estate objects that are in use by the Russian Embassy. It was declared to Agency “Interfax” the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“Our staff became aware of the fact that our facilities are still done, but not for Russian diplomats. What is the purpose? (…) This is a direct threat to the safety of these objects (…) In what condition are these objects that no one has any idea,” — said the diplomat.

Zakharov added that the Russian authorities are in constant contact with American colleagues on the issue of the arrested Russian real estate in the United States. She also stressed that the actions against the Russian real estate “was made outside the law.”

On 29 December the United States authorities took the decision within 72 hours 35 to expel Russian diplomats, as well as close access to residential complexes in Maryland and in new York they used. The White house said such measures were “a response to harassment of American diplomats in Moscow from the Russian authorities.”

In addition, the President of the United States (then this position was held by Barack Obama) have imposed sanctions against the FSB, the GRU, other organizations and six individuals, citing the cyber attacks on the electoral system of the United States from Russia.

Washington has repeatedly accused Moscow of meddling in the election campaign. In the Kremlin these charges are consistently rejected.