The debtor from Kuzbass set fire to the car in front of the bailiff

A resident of the city of Belovo (Kemerovo region) set the car on fire when the bailiff came to take her for the debt on the loan. This was reported on the website of the Investigative Department of SKR across the Kemerovo region.

According to investigators, the creditor Bank has addressed in court with the requirement to confiscate the 36-year-old male car Lada Samara. May 30, the bailiff came to the debtor and said that the Bank’s representatives will arrive with a tow truck. The man tried to convince her to solve the issue without removing them, but the contractor refused.

She sat in the car for inspection, the man began to pour back seat of flammable liquid. He ordered the bailiff to leave, he set fire to the car and ran away. The fire was extinguished caused on a scene employees of the Ministry.

Now the Investigative Committee shall verify the fact of threats of violence to the authorities.