The Church promised to keep the queue to the relics of St. Nicholas from the hurricane

The safety of the people standing in the queue to the relics of St. Nicholas, will be provided in case of repetition of the storm. On Thursday, June 1, said the press service of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Maria Korovina Agency city news “Moscow”.

“Moscow authorities and the Church, as before, ready to ensure the safety of pilgrims in the queue, so that people feel comfortable. At the moment, along the line are ten double long buses. If necessary, their number will be increased,” she said.

Korovin added that security measures taken during the storm on may 29, helped to avoid victims among the pilgrims.

Earlier in the day “Polenta” reported that forecasters announced in Moscow storm warning on June 1. It was noted that the probability of occurrence of the hurricane will continue until 11:00 ut on 2 June.

According to recent reports, the victims of the hurricane in the Moscow region were 15 people, wounded 208. In the aftermath, damaged the roof more than 180 buildings, the disaster affected approximately 1.9 thousands of cars, fallen 6.5 per thousand trees. According to the TV channel “360”, the wind also ripped the cross on the Central dome of the Church of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary in the suburban Queen.

The relics of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker was brought to Russia from the papal Basilica in the Italian Bari on may 21. This is the first move of the relics from the end of the XI century, when Italian merchants stole a large part of the remains of the Saint from the Church of Myra. On the first day of stay of the relics of the Saint in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior they worshiped more than 25 thousand people.