Sobyanin told about the active support of the renovation of the Muscovites

Sergei Sobyanin

About 90 percent of Muscovites voted for the renovation programme, support it. All issues related to the resettlement require clarification and discussion as they cover the interests of many people. About this mayor Sergei Sobyanin said in an exclusive interview with the Agency TASS published on Wednesday, may 31.

“The problem with the five-story building there, and the voting process, which started, once again confirms that the residents of these homes are actively supporting the program of renovation and resettlement. Today, residents voted 44 percent of apartments in five-storey buildings included in the list. About 90 percent of residents support the program,” — said the mayor. He stressed that the houses, tenants who actively oppose the renovation, a few dozen, most of the participants actively “for”.

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According to the mayor, the old house becomes a problem and you can wait until it becomes unbearable, and you can plan the construction of new buildings and the move sooner. The fact that the majority chooses the second option, he considers it logical. “The more that Moscow has accumulated vast experience in solving this problem, we’ve been doing this for 20 years,” he added.

The resistance faced by the city authorities with the introduction of the program, according to Sobyanin, is “normal Moscow tradition.” He stressed that all issues related to the renovation, required clarification and discussion. “It’s a big decision that requires serious consideration and consultations. And we do it all,” he added.