Putin called a provocation allegations of use of chemical weapons by the Syrian army


RIA Novosti

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad did not use chemical weapons accusations against the head of state – a provocation. This statement was made by Vladimir Putin. The words of the Russian President, reports the newspaper Le Figaro.

“In my opinion, this was done for one purpose only — to explain why the need for Assad to apply additional measures, including military nature. That’s all. No evidence of the use by Assad of chemical weapons does not exist. And in our opinion is just a provocation. Assad these weapons are not used”, – Putin said.

The head of state added that after the fact of use of prohibited weapons in Khan Sheyhun Russian authorities asked the U.S. side to hold an inspection of airfields, which, according to Washington, flew the aircraft of the Syrian army. On the initiative of the Kremlin in USA refused. Putin agreed with the position of the French counterpart Emmanuel Macron on the “red line”, which is the use of chemical weapons. The Russian President proposed to build a common policy towards the use of banned methods of warfare in the Arab country. Putin and macron met in Versailles on may 29, which, among other things, discussed the situation in Syria.

4 April 2017 in the city of Khan shaykhun in Idlib province, a poisonous gas killed at least 89 people, at least 557 people were injured. Washington and some Western countries blamed the attack the Syrian army. April 7, USA under the pretext of retaliation launched a missile attack on the Syrian air base of the Shirt. The Kremlin said that the attack on the positions of Syrian troops has put Russia and the United States “to the brink of armed clashes”.