Obama bought a mansion with eight bedrooms over eight million dollars

Barack Obama

Former US President Barack Obama has acquired Washington house price of 8.1 million dollars, reports the Washington Post.

It is noted that the mansion located in the heart of Kalorama in Northwest Washington.

Near new home Obama is a house Ivanka trump, daughter of the current President of the USA of Donald trump.

After leaving the White house, the couple Obama rented this mansion. Now decided to buy a house.

Obama family intends to live in the capital of the United States for at least another two and a half years, while the daughter of former President Sasha can’t graduate in Washington.

It is known that earlier this house belonged to the press Secretary to bill Clinton Joe Lockhart. In the mansion’s eight bedrooms and ten bathrooms.

The mansion of the former President of the United States is the second largest cost in the area of Kalorama, second only to the house of the founder of Amazon and owner of the publishing house, the Washington Post, Jeff Bezos. The price of this house is about 23 million dollars.