Kuznetsova commented on the story with the missing six year old child at Kursk

Anna Kuznetsova

Authorized under the President of Russia for children’s rights Anna Kuznetsova called for the abandonment of extracting political advantage from the problems of children. About the Ombudsman said in an interview with TASS, commenting on the history with disappearance of six year old Victor Melekhov in the Kursk region.

According to Kuznetsova, the story of this boy, like many similar cases, suggests that there are no other children.

“And we need to remember that not only on the eve of International children’s day, but every day. Well, we began to pay more attention to such stories. (…) It is bad when children’s problems of trying to derive political benefits. This also happens here, we need not allow themselves to be manipulated and our love and caring for the children,” she said.

Six-year-old Victor Melekhov, a resident of Rogosheske Meadow Timskogo district of the Kursk region, disappeared the evening of may 23. He went for a walk with two dogs in the forest and got lost. First, the family — mother, aunt and grandparents — trying to find the boy on their own. The next morning they went to the police.

According to Kuznetsova, in search of a child were involved in the MOE officials, the soldiers of Regardie, volunteers of the organization “Lisa Allert” and local residents. Only about a thousand people.

The search lasted about three days. “May 26 at 14:10 Vitya found. Alive, with his dog Arrow. One dog returned home safely, and the Arrow stayed with him. All the time was close, guarded, warmed. A faithful dog has turned out — so, you know, “Russian Hachiko”,” — said Kuznetsov.

Now the boy feels well, although immediately after the discovery, he was placed in intensive care. “Critical, his condition was not, despite the fact that three days with a dog it is not clear what he ate and I drank. Of concern is found on the body of ticks, according to him, we are now waiting for the test results,” said children’s Ombudsman.

Kuznetsov believes that in the future the baby will be fine. “The kid grows hardy, persistent. You just think for a moment — the boy was able to survive three days in the woods! Incidentally, we are now thinking about how to present the Victor to be awarded the honorary title “Hot heart” for courage,” she said.

Also, according to her, is worthy of fighter of Regardie Sergey Makeev, who first discovered the child.