In Mosul decided to stop bombers dressed in women’s burkas and banned

The Iraqi army has imposed a ban on the wearing of the burqa and niqab for women living in the liberated from the militants of the “Islamic state” (IG; banned in Russia) the districts of Mosul. This is one of the measures to ensure security during Ramadan, wrote on Thursday, June 1, The Independent.

The police of Ninawa province, the administrative center of which is Mosul, said that the new ban suicide bombers can’t get in public places under the guise of women. Also, the city limited the use of motorcycles, where militants have carried out attacks in the liberated areas.

Ramadan is a Holy month of fasting for Muslims. During this period they do not consume food or water during the daytime to subdue worldly appetites and desires and become closer to Allah. The Independent notes that in recent years the number of attacks by extremists during Ramadan has increased significantly. Since then, as the post officially started on 27 may, major terrorist attacks were committed in Baghdad (26 people died) and Kabul (over 90 victims).

In January 2017 the international coalition led by U.S. and Iraqi troops have managed to clear out militants from the Eastern areas of Mosul. The operation to liberate the Western part is from Feb. Involved in ground operations of the Iraqi army, special forces and militias. Air support provided by the coalition aircraft. In late March, Iraqi security forces have decided to suspend massive attack due to the increased number of casualties, however, on April 14, the battle for the center of the city resumed. May 11, Iraqi security forces promised to release Western areas before Ramadan, but to do this failed.