Hunger has promised to restore the pyramid on the Riga highway

Engineer Alexander Hunger is going to restore the storm-battered the pyramid on the Riga highway. About it he on Wednesday, may 31, told the radio station “Moscow Says”.

According to Hunger, unlike the previous, fiberglass, new pyramid will be concrete. In addition, it will be higher. “It would be good to find an investor. If you do not find it, we’ll build a pyramid of 70 meters, it’s something I can do myself if I find 100 meters”, — he said.

The building will remain in place. “Like Bulgakov, manuscripts don’t burn, and here the pyramid is not destroyed. That is, as if the pyramid were, however, it is not visible, and here with the properties of the pyramid will be maintained for at least six months, and then annually. And my task during this time is to restore the building,” — said Hunger.

On may 29 the pyramid on the Riga highway was demolished by a hurricane that struck Moscow and the Moscow region. The visitors were taken to the street, none of them was hurt. The wreckage of the structure fell on the territory located near the ostrich farm and crushed one of the birds, but she survived.

Video: Maya Wolf / YouTube

Heavy rain with a squally wind gusts began in the Moscow region on may 29 in the second half of the day. Fixed falling trees and advertising designs. The victims were 15 people (10 in the capital, 5 in region), including children. Injured about 200 people.

The pyramid of the Famine were erected on the 38-th km of Novorizhskoe highway in 1999. According to the author of the project, the construction has the property to harmonize space to accumulate bioenergy, to change the structure of water and properties of living organisms, as well as tightening of the ozone hole in the atmosphere. Official science did not confirm this information. Functioned as a tourist attraction and place of sale of Souvenirs and the charged water. Similar pyramids exist in several regions of Russia, particularly on the shore of lake Seliger Ostashkov.