Died involved in the deaths of 170 thousand people a former guard at Auschwitz

Reinhold Henning

In Germany 96-m to year of life has died Reinhold Henning — a former guard of the Auschwitz concentration camp (German name — Auschwitz). About it reports Reuters with a reference to his lawyer Charmer Andreas (Andreas Scharmer).

According to the lawyer, about the death applying the hunning he found out on Tuesday evening, may 30. To comment on the cause of death of 95-year-old man Then refused.

The death of a former concentration camp guard upset with another lawyer, Thomas Walter (Walther, Thomas), who in the court against applying the hunning represents a group of 20 plaintiffs. He said he is disappointed that a former SS officer died before the sentence against him entered into force. Walter hoped that this will happen in the next month.

“If the judiciary had not been silent for decades, there would not be such a disappointment,” said the lawyer.

In June last year, a German court found applying the hunning involved in the murder of 170 thousand people in a death camp, where the defendant served for two and a half years, and was sentenced to five years imprisonment. However, the sentence was appealed, and the appeal dragged on for almost a year.

Even before the court verdict handing apologized to the victims of the Holocaust and said that ashamed of the fact that “consciously suffered injustice and did nothing to resist her.” At the trial he insisted that he personally didn’t kill anyone.

Channing voluntarily joined the SS at age 18 in 1940. He noted that this prompted his mother, who was a member of the Nazi party.

In April 2016, a former guard at Auschwitz Ernst Tremmel died in Germany at the age of 93 years during the week before the trial. He was also accused of involvement in the massacres.

Auschwitz concentration camp was located in Poland. It during the Second world war killed more than 1.3 million people.