US secret service launched an investigation into a photo with a fake severed head of trump

US secret service responsible for security of the President and other senior officials, began an investigation after the American comedian Kathy Griffin co-starred with “cut off” the head of Donald trump in his hands.

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30 may 2017, 19:58

The official Twitter account of the Department on this issue appeared relevant record. “Do. The secret service has a robust intelligence unit that monitors a open the publication in social media for threat assessment. Investigations into threats against those who protect the Secret service have the highest priority.”

May 30, TMZ released a photo and posted a video from the shoot. Later Griffin in his Twitter apologized for this photo. She stated that she “was wrong and went too far.”

The author is a photoshoot Tyler shields, known for his outrageous works. In particular, in 2015 he made a series of photographs in which Australian actor Kick Gurry depicts Adolf Hitler shooting himself in the temple with a pistol.

In 2014, The Washington Post found that the Secret service intends to purchase software that will keep track of sarcasm in social networks.