The Ministry of justice began drafting a law on self-employed citizens


RIA Novosti

The Ministry of justice began drafting a law on self-employed citizens in the Russian Federation, a notification is posted on the Federal portal of draft legal acts on Monday.

“The Ministry of justice of Russia jointly with the Ministry of economic development, labour and social protection Ministry, the Finance Ministry and the Ombudsman under the RF President on protection of entrepreneurs’ rights were the legal status of self-employed people. According to the results of the study to the government of the Russian Federation made a report with a proposal on the feasibility of consolidation in the legislation of the Russian Federation determine the criteria for the term “self-employed citizen,” reads the notice.

According to the Ministry, currently in Russia a significant number of the economically active self-employed people who take on the risk of entrepreneurial activities (without the involvement of the employees) to provide services, perform work for individuals without registration as individual entrepreneurs (e.g., Tutors, nannies, nurses).

“In order to ensure the protection of the rights of self-employed citizens, establishment of the simplified order of activities, providing benefits necessary to legislate criteria for the definition of “selfemployed”, — the document says.

From 2017, the Russian Federation imposed a two-year tax breaks for self-employed people who will declare themselves to the tax authorities. The act applies to three categories of people: nurses and nannies, Tutors and maids. At the end of “tax holidays” in 2019, they will either terminate such activities or to register as individual entrepreneurs and pay taxes.

The authorities are also discussing the possibility of involvement of citizens in the system of social payments. The members of the Federation Council has prepared amendments to the Tax code, according to which proposed from 2019 to enter the patent for self-employed people who do not want to register as individual entrepreneurs. It is proposed to include insurance premiums.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in turn, has charged to the government to regulate the legal status of self-employed people.