The Ministry of economic development predicted the lack of growth of pensions until 2035

The Ministry of economic development has developed a macroeconomic forecast until 2035, according to which the income of Russians will return to pre-crisis level only in 2022, and retirement will not be back by 2035. On Tuesday, wrote the newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to the document.

The publication notes that in the target version of the macro forecast-2035, by which Russia’s economic growth should increase to rates above the world average, the Agency provides virtually zero real growth of pensions. It is assumed that to go the pace will be possible through increased productivity and employment of citizens, including by raising the retirement age to 65 years for men and 63 years for women.

However, as writes the edition, from the implementation of the plan to increase the pace of economic growth, the income of each fifth of Russians will be reduced. It is expected that in 20 years the pension will increase by 2.5 percent, and growth will resume by 2024, but even by 2035, payments for disability will remain 4 percent below the 2013 level.

According to estimates by the MAYOR, in the case of successful implementation of reforms economic growth will reach 3.5 percent by 2026, and then slow down. In the end, the real incomes of the population, over the past three years have fallen to 10 percent, but only by 2022 reached crisis level.

According to Rosstat, the average size of pensions in February was 12 893 rubles.