The Ministry of culture has proposed to recover 5 million rubles from each film at the box office

The Ministry of culture has proposed to recover 5 million rubles from each film at the box office

The bill provides that the deduction will go to the cinema Fund for support of Russian cinematography.

Moscow. May 30. INTERFAX.RU — the Ministry of culture has proposed to introduce compulsory contributions to the cinema Fund in the amount of 5 million rubles, with each film in the case of obtaining a distribution certificate on display in the cinema.

We came to the decision to deductions in the amount of 5 million rubles. It is about all movies. Russian paintings in the distribution licence will pay that amount, but then the cinema Fund will indemnify, to compensate for the 5 million Vyacheslav Telkomdirect of the Department of cinematography of Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation

Mandatory deductions will go to the cinema Fund, and then be directed to support national film industry — producing and distributing national films.

According to him, the film Fund will set up a Commission that will decide what’s most significant paintings of the festival wing to exempt from payment of fees. Telnov said that the Commission will consist of renowned filmmakers, critics.

“The main thing is not to deprive viewers the opportunity to watch a good movie author’s festival,” — said the Deputy Minister.

In turn, the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky said that the need to increase the burden on foreign blockbusters.

“We have three tasks: first — to increase funding for national cinema. The fairest way — by collecting fixed assets with the foreign film. The second task is a bit to clean up the rental from all nizkosoleva film, and the third task is to try to make it so that foreign blockbusters were carrying more load than other movies,” said Medina.

The Minister added that he will consider the possibility of establishing a certain percentage from the fee the movie depending on his performance.

It would be possible to a fixed amount, and collecting from, say, a billion established percentage.Vladimir Medinsky

The decision as to what amount of cash charges will be charged interest deductions, will be made after discussion with authoritative representatives of the industry. After that, the bill will introduce to the state Duma.