The media found out about the extension by Russia of sanctions against Montenegro politicians

Dusko Markovic

Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dusko Markovic, the former head of government and leader of the Democratic party of socialists Milo Djukanovic, Parliament speaker Ivan Brajović, as well as a number of other Montenegrin politicians fell to the Russian sanctions list. This writes the newspaper “Pravda” with reference to sources in the foreign Ministry.

It is noted that the restrictive measures introduced in the total of in relation to 70 people, 46 of them — deputies of the Montenegrin Parliament.

The evening of may 28 at the airport of Domodedovo had been detained the Deputy Miodrag Vukovic from the ruling Democratic party of socialists. Policy EN route transit from Moscow to Minsk to the parliamentary Assembly of the Central European initiative, said that it is included in the list of persona non grata and should be deported. After that, the foreign Ministry of Montenegro in this respect, handed a note of protest to Russian Ambassador Sergey Gritsay.

On the morning of 28 may, the Montenegrin Minister of foreign Affairs, Serjan Germanovich said that Russia “actively interfered in the internal Affairs” of the country, trying to prevent Podgorica to join NATO. In Moscow called the accusations an attempt to justify the membership in the Alliance.

Montenegro officially joined NATO on 5 June. The country will become the 29th member of the organization. In Moscow said it reserves the right to make decisions for the protection of national security in connection with the decision of the Podgorica to join the bloc.