The hurricane damaged three aircraft in Sheremetyevo

Three aircraft were damaged in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport due to the hurricane that swept the capital on may 29. About this “Interfax” reported in the air traffic control services at the air port Tuesday, may 30.

According to the source, external airfield equipment was damaged Sukhoi Superjet 100, Airbus A330 and Boeing 777. In addition, in an Airbus during landing was struck by lightning. The plane landed safely, nobody was hurt.

Despite the hurricane, no aircraft left Moscow airports to alternate airports, gave the Agency on may 29. All aircraft on Monday landed cleanly in the capital oviously. At the same time, there has been delays. So, at Sheremetyevo they touched 81 per cent of flights, and Vnukovo and Domodedovo — 50 percent.

Heavy rain with thunderstorm and gusty winds was held in Moscow and the outskirts of the city on may 29 in the second half of the day. In different parts of the city the element of destroyed trees, ripped billboards, public transport. The storm also touched the roof of the Senate Palace of the Kremlin. According to recent reports, the victims of the hurricane in the capital and the suburbs were a total of 16 people, injured almost 170.