Octopus-the giant escaped from the aquarium in Vladivostok

Octopus-the giant escaped from the aquarium in Vladivostok

The giant Pacific octopus has become the reason of state of emergency in the Primorsky Oceanarium in Vladivostok. Marine animal escaped.

Large octopus caught divers of the aquarium just three days ago near the island of Russian in the Pacific ocean and was placed in a separate aquarium so that the animal has adapted to the new conditions.

The octopus was curious: we investigated his home, and when the staff of the aquarium was distracted, broke down fixing the mesh and got out of the tank. Zoologists known feature of the octopus to fit through any gap due to the absence of the skeleton.

Fortunately, the fugitive quickly discovered on the floor of an adjacent room. Because octopuses can live outside the water without oxygen for a little less than a day, the animal was not injured and was returned to the aquarium, according to VistaNews.

Scientists at the aquarium say that this is not the first case when intelligent and active octopus managed to get out of aquariums to explore the other rooms. The Pacific octopus is the largest representative of this species. Its weight can reach 70 kg.