My street — 2017. What changes do you expect in the centre of Moscow this year?

My street — 2017. What changes do you expect in the centre of Moscow this year?

Improvement programme, My street, moving around the city. Now work began in the area of Bolotnaya embankment and the streets of Moscow and the Lubyanka square.

Marsh: what’s ahead?

To put up with temporary inconveniences easier when the result is predictable.

Marsh quay, Marsh street and Bast lane located at the intersection of Hiking routes in the center of Moscow. Nearby the Kremlin, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Zaryadye Park, art galleries and cultural centers. But the streets themselves are not yet adapted for walking. After repair of the pedestrian area on Bolotnaya embankment along the Outfall channel will grow up to 13-18 m. 3-8

Along, it will be a continuous promenade with viewing platforms overlooking the Kremlin towers, St Basil’s Cathedral, the dome of the Cathedral. It will feature hundreds of benches with wooden flooring, and near the de-Luzhkov bridge — two dry foot fountain with illumination.

In addition, on Bolotnaya embankment will be the longest in the city’s “Walkway of love.”

The famous “trees of love” sculpture, which traditionally newlyweds and lovers hang locks with Luzhkov bridge will completely take to Bolotnaya embankment, where they were 20, and will be 8 more, they will be surrounded with flower beds, or so-called green pockets.

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“Trees of love” will clean, update, everyone can come and hang clasp. From Bolotnaya embankment you can go in Repin square.

Marsh street that they, too, will be landscaped. It will extend the sidewalks from 1.2−4.5 to 2.5−5 m, put them on the bench, will make a green recreational area.

A lurid lane that divides the two streets and Marsh and the four seasons, will be transformed into a new small town square, like those often seen in Italian cities. In a small space can feel tired after a walk: there will be a few benches, a fountain and trees.

Now Marsh quay there is heavy traffic. After the improvement there will be organized 2 lanes in the street Serafimovicha width of 3.5 m — the route will help to reduce the burden on the neighboring streets. After repair of Woodcut lane and Marsh street will remain one-sided. In a Lurid the number of lanes will be reduced from 7 to 6. It will make three ground transition. The number of bands for cars after improvement on Marsh street will not change.

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On Marsh street during the repairs on the roadway will impose temporary restrictions on the outer lanes of roads. Free for the passage of vehicles will leave at least two lanes. On the whole “swamp” area and in the Bast lane will equip Parking pockets. In the alley to Park just cars, and on the waterfront and at the Marsh street will provide Parking for tour buses.

What will happen to the Baltschug?

From may 23 began the improvement of old streets in the heart of Moscow, overlooking the Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Balchug.

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It is just 250 m between the Moscow river and the Vodootvodny channel. There are more pedestrians than vehicles, but the sidewalks are too narrow to walk around him uncomfortable. In addition, the Baltschug, with all its scenic beauty there are no patios. During the improvement of sidewalks widen to 6 m, and there will be a place for strolling and outdoor cafes.

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Completely block vehicular traffic is not planned, but there may be temporary restrictions in areas where there are repairs. After the improvement of the number of lanes will not be reduced.

When finished working in the Park “Zaryadye”?

Engineering services has started work on installation, overhaul and reconstruction of water supply, gas pipeline and power grids on the four streets leading to the Park “Zaryadye”. The works are in Kitaihorodska travel, Varvarka, Moskvoretskaya street Moskvoretskaya embankment and (after improvement the width of the sidewalks there will increase on average by 3 m). New communication is necessary because when the Park opens, the load on the engineering network will increase.

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For tourists there will be new navigation: maps of local attractions can be seen not only on modern information steles, but also on the plates embedded in the pavement.

Updating of communications plans to complete in June. “Charge” will open to the city Day. The Park will create a characteristic for Russia area — the forest, the steppe, meadows and the Northern landscape. They are terraces going down from the street to the Varvarka street to the Moscow river.

Sort of a continuation of the Park will be a new pedestrian zone from the Varvarka street to St. Nicholas street. It will include Fishing and Epiphany streets, and her heart will be the old stock Exchange is one of the few stone squares of Moscow.

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Completely block traffic at the time of repair and further landscaping of the “Zaryadye” is not a plan. The cars in the far lanes of roads will be partially restricted. Temporal overlap is possible on 1-2 lanes depending on area of work.

Repaired plumbing — stumbled on the wooden pavement of the XVII century

Watching renovations “My street”, archaeologists have discovered on Bolshaya Lubyanka wooden pavement of the XVII—XVIII centuries. the Logs under the soil at a depth of 1-2 m Over a wooden bridge, the scientists saw the paving stones of the XIX — beginning of XX century to Conduct archaeological monitoring has enabled the repair of water supply and drainage.

In the narrow trenches found dozens of artifacts, confirming: here in the old days there was traffic. This metal horse horseshoe and Shoe heels of the XVII—XIX centuries., This metal horse horseshoe and Shoe heels of the XVII—XIX centuries., nails, and ceramics.

Most of the small finds at Great Lubyanka refers to the XIX century In the neighborhood, on Lubyanka square, then there was a fountain with drinking water, and the townspeople often came to him. And the drivers stayed on Bolshaya Lubyanka to dial in the water fountain for horses.

What will be on the site of the monument to Dzerzhinsky on Lubyanka?

Road work began on Lubyanka square, and by the end of June, there will improvement. In the center of the square dismantle a flower bed that in place of the monument to Dzerzhinsky. There will make the life raft, or refuge for new traffic lights. Refuge will pave a tile and fall in the area planted trees.

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The arrangement of the islets will lead to a temporary overlap of one lane in the direction of the New square. For the construction of a garden plot with a length of 400 m. Other bands will be available. Road work will be completed by June 10. Then move on the blocked site will be restored.