Lavrov called the alarming the situation with the coalition strikes on Syria


RIA Novosti

Moscow considers very worrying situation with the strikes of the coalition led by the US on the Syrian forces to the South of the country, said Tuesday the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov.

“As you know, was not only a threat but a fact specific application of forces in the area. I believe that this situation is quite alarming because it directly affects the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic. Of course, these issues need to be resolved, and now I do our military”, — said Lavrov at a press conference with Nigerian counterpart Jeffrey Oneyou.

According to Lavrov, at the present time “is within the channel that was created before to prevent unintended incidents between Russian HQs and coalition headed by the USA”.

Twenty civilians were killed in Syria in the town of raqqa in the air strikes of the international coalition led by the US announced Sunday the Syrian state news Agency SANA, citing a source from among the local population. Commenting on this information, a Pentagon spokesman told RIA Novosti that the coalition “takes very seriously these allegations” and intends to study them.