Kadyrov suggested that the Macron to personally assess the situation of gays in Chechnya

Ramzan Kadyrov

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov suggested that the French President Emmanuel macron to visit the Republic to witness to the falsity of the information about the violation of gay rights. It placed the corresponding post on my channel Telegram on Tuesday, may 30.

“The President of France Makron, taking [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel, in search of truth may visit the Chechen Republic. Doors are open!” — Kadyrov wrote.

He expressed the opinion that the French leader adheres to double standards, first accusing the Russian media of defamation, and then appealing to common data.

The head of Chechnya was considered the best answer to the statements of European leaders “and all their sympathizers” an excerpt from the monologue of Alexander Chatsky, the hero of a Comedy of Alexander Griboyedov’s “Woe from wit”:

“Ah! France! There is a world better than the edge!
We decided to two princesses, sisters repeating
A lesson from childhood natarjan.
Where to go from duchesses!
— I was Odal Vassell desire
Humble, but loud,
So the Lord destroyed the evil one, the spirit
Empty, slavish and blind imitation…”

Earlier Tuesday, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called the words of the French leader on false propaganda news Agency Sputnik and RT with continued anti-Russian campaign. A day earlier, during a press conference after talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin macron bluntly spoke about the activities of Russian media.

Then he said he intends to monitor the situation with observance of the rights of sexual minorities in the North Caucasus Republic, writes TASS. In the beginning of the month Angela Merkel appealed to Putin to intervene in the situation.

Information about the mass arrests of gays in Chechnya has spread in early April, “Novaya Gazeta”. The head of the Chechen Republic denied the charges. According to the regional interior Ministry statements on the fact of harassment from members of the LGBT community were reported. At the same time, defenders of the “Russian LGBT network” claim that gays are taken from the Republic.