In Colorado due to the sale of marijuana to Fund schools and hospitals

The money received by the authorities of the state of Colorado from legal dealers of marijuana, will direct the opening of schools, hospitals and the fight against drug addiction. It is reported by VICE News, citing a decree of the Governor of the state.

For the 2016-2017 fiscal year, the state received $ 105 million in taxes from legal sellers of marijuana.15 million will be directed to construction of houses for socially vulnerable segments of the population, 7 million — to a mentally ill citizens were sent not to prison, but a special medical facility, the construction of which will be funded.

Nearly 10 million “cannabinum” dollars will be directed to a special program, in which 150 doctors will attend the high schools of the city, to help needy students to cope with addiction to opioids (heroin and other similar drugs).

According to the plan of the authorities, in 2017 and 2018 500 thousand dollars will go to funding a pilot program to combat heroin addiction in the worst-affected districts of the state.

It clarifies the issue, the positive effect for the society from the legalization of marijuana can be offset by the actions of the administration of President trump, who is considering the feasibility of banning marijuana at the Federal level.