Gates, Zuckerberg, Rowling: the best advice to graduates from business and writer

Gates, Zuckerberg, Rowling: the best advice to graduates from business and writer

The late spring and early summer all over the world is traditionally the time of ex-students who graduate from schools and enter into new life. Inspiring speeches of politicians, businessmen, billionaires, writers and actors sound at the ceremonies in all the countries of the world.

May 15, 2017, the Microsoft cofounder bill gates has published in his Twitter advice to graduates. Gates, a Harvard Graduate, 1975, has already made a speech to former students in 2007. Video can be viewed on the website of the Harvard Gazette.

This year he also decided to share with alumni some of the conclusions about life.

According to gates, is today the most promising areas for self-realization are “artificial intelligence, energy and biotechnology.”

“This is something that I would be doing if you started today,” he said.

The businessman has told, that regrets only that being a high school graduate knew little about the worst injustices in the world. For their realization it took him years. Another tip graduate to begin to deal with environmental injustice as early as possible.

In addition, according to gates, is to surround yourself with people who can motivate you, something to teach and push to become better. The measure of success he considers how close happy and love him. And advised the graduates to read the book by the canadian-American scientist, science popularizer Steven Pinker “the Best side of our nature. About the causes of the decline in the level of violence”.

At the time it created a furor among the American intellectual elite. According to gates, this book describes, energy and biotechnology.”

Sounds crazy, but we live in the most peaceful time in human history. This is important because the knowledge that the world is getting better, you want to convey to a greater number of people. This does not mean that we ignore the serious problems of our time, but it means that you believe that they can be solved.Bill Gates

May 25, another famous representative of the IT industry, the founder of the world’s most popular social network Facebook mark Zuckerberg addressed the graduates of Harvard, and at the same time received the diploma of the prestigious University.

In his speech, he shared insights that he was able to make about his generation and the modern world, as well as some personal moments.

Zuckerberg called the main event that happened to him during his studies at Harvard, the creation of Facemash (it is possible to analyze beautiful faces of the students and rank them). Through this project he met his future wife Priscilla.

The main topic of conversation was the search for purpose in life, exciting graduates the most. According to the founder of Facebook, today it is not enough to find your purpose in life, the task of generation of millenniums, to create a world in which everyone will have a sense of purpose. As a motivational example, he cited an example from his own life.

Launching Facebook, Zuckerberg and a friend have dreamed that someone one day will unite people all over the world. “I never thought that this “someone” can be us. We do not know about it. There were all these huge technology companies with great resources, I thought that one of them’ll do it,” he said, adding that many of the graduates can see the same history.

According to Zuckerberg, to implement large-scale projects should they — today’s graduates, and not a large Corporation with resources. He also stressed that the sense of purpose we need to create for others.

Tell you a secret: at first, no one knows. Ideas are not born fully decorated. They only become clearer as you work on them. We just have to start.Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg also told not to be afraid to be idealistic, make mistakes and be ready to misunderstanding others. These fears interfere with a person to do something really big. According to the businessman, everything that man does today, there are shortcomings in the future, but this should not prevent to act.

The Speech Of Mark Zuckerberg

Without a doubt, the speech of many speakers will go down in history. For example, the famous Director Steven Spielberg to the graduates Garvardskogo University in 2016, the speech of actor Jim Carrey before the alumni of the University of management Maharishi in 2014, speech by Steve jobs to graduates at Stanford University in 2005.

In honor some parting words to graduates speech of the famous writer JK Rowling to the graduates of Harvard in 2008.

Addressing the graduates of those years, the world famous writer told about the benefits of failure, importance of imagination and balance.

According to Rowling, during her studies she had to face a conflict of interests — and her parents. They wanted for her daughter’s education, which in the future would allow her to earn good money, and she Rowling wanted to study English literature and become a writer. They have achieved a compromise did not suit anyone.

Is there a Statute of limitations for charges to parents that they sent you in the wrong direction. It expires in the moment when you’re adult enough to stand at the helm of his own life.JK Rowling

She also noted that the youth feared not poverty, but failure. However, failure to Harvard or other prestigious educational institutions could play with young people a cruel joke. The fact that their understanding of the failure may be very different from the views of ordinary people.

Rowling told how he was at the bottom: her marriage ended, she was left alone with no money with a small baby in her arms.. “Not going to tell you that failure is fun. It was a black period of my life,” said the writer. But its failures had one big advantage — they’re allowed to get rid of everything nonessential and concentrate on the dream.

According to Rowling, the “peak” of her fall became the Foundation on which she rebuilt her life.

The writer urged not to afraid of failures, because thanks to them she had an inner stability, learned a lot about myself, and also found that her strong will and friends who are more valuable than all the world’s wealth.