Gang of elephants in Thailand started to loot the trucks of fruit

Gang of elephants in Thailand started to loot the trucks of fruit

Wild elephants made several daring raids on trucks with fruit in the center of Hua hin, province of Prachuap Khiri Khan.

The truck driver told that a large male blocked his road car on a narrow highway running through the territory of the local reserve, and then some more animals came out of the jungle and began trunks to carry pineapples from the body. Each time you try the driver put the car in gear and leave the big male again took a position in front of the hood of the truck and hit the trunk in his cabin, where in addition to the driver there was his wife and young son.

When the driver once again tried to move the elephant rested with his short tusks, which he apparently once cut off by poachers, in the side of the machine and slightly lifted her and then lowered into place when the driver took his foot off the gas pedal, reports RIA “Novosti”.

Thailand: Safety worries as wild elephants steal from trucks

— PADILLO (@Padillo) May 30, 2017

I must say that elephants are apparently clearly planned the robbery, because the RAID was done in an area where cellular communication is not operated, therefore, Mr. Kievpastrans couldn’t call for help.

The elephant has consumed the pineapple (in the truck they were 9 tons) for 45 minutes.

Only by chance a passing police car scared off the robbers.

According to the driver, his colleagues recently also got into similar scrapes.

Elephants, allegedly waiting for the fruit carriers in ambush by the road. Attacks occur both day and night.

One of such episodes managed to photograph. On the picture you can see how the elephant stopped in the middle of the road pickup truck and stealing fruit from the body.