Trump has accused Germany in inadequate funding for NATO

Donald Trump

The US President Donald trump said that Germany allocates insufficient funding for NATO. About this American leader wrote in his Twitter.

Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)
30 may 2017, 10:40

“We have a huge trade deficit with Germany, in addition, they produce less money than they should on NATO and military spending. This is very bad for US. This will change,” — promised the American leader.

During the may 25 summit of the countries participating in NATO trump said that 23 of the 28 member countries do not pay those amounts that they must contribute to the General budget of the organization, which is unfair to Americans.

According to the NATO Charter, the participating countries must be part of the overall defense budget to 2 percent of GDP, however, at present, about 70 percent of the funding at the expense of the United States.

On 20 March, the representative of the foreign Ministry of Germany Martin Schaefer said that the medium-term financial plans of Germany not include raising defense spending to 2 percent of GDP. In addition, he urged to “be realistic” in the issue of increasing military budgets.

Prior to that, trump expressed the opinion that Berlin is supposedly “owes huge sums of money, NATO and the United States,” and noted that it is necessary to pay a “powerful and very expensive defense that we provide in Germany.” According to British The Sunday Times, it was the amount of 300 billion pounds.