The foreign Ministry criticized the defamation of the Russian Ambassador in USA

Sergey Kislyak

Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov expressed indignation in connection with the defamation of the Ambassador of Russia in the USA Sergey Kislyak. On Tuesday, may 30, RIA Novosti reported.

Since the office has commented on the publication of the us media contacts the head of the Russian diplomatic mission in the United States in-law of U.S. President Jared Kushner.

Ryabkov said that the foreign Ministry does not publish “no details about the working contacts of the Ambassador or any other member of the Russian diplomatic service”. “This is the principle we follow and stick to (…) It would be a violation of the canons of work in the foreign Ministry,” — said the diplomat.

On may 26, the Washington Post, citing us officials reported that trump’s son-in-law at the end of 2016, suggested the use of a secret channel of communication between Moscow and the transition staff of President-elect. Three days later, Fox News channel reported that the initiative to establish a secret channel of communication came from Sergei Kislyak.

In Moscow, the idea of the secret communications channel was absurd. “The Embassy has closed the communication channel. He’s the one. This is a phone that can talk are just some of the most senior workers of the Embassy. The connection is encrypted. It is normal practice for all countries of the world. Creating a new communication channel is technically impossible,” — said a senior source in the Russian diplomatic circles.