Ten of the most unusual car accidents that make you smile

Ten of the most unusual car accidents that make you smile

MOSCOW, may 30 — RIA Novosti, Sergey Belousov. The penultimate day of spring, 1896 remain in automotive history thanks to the first officially registered road traffic accident. It happened in new York with the participation of the electric vehicle and Bicycle. Evelyn Thomas was driving the bike, escaped with a broken leg. RIA Novosti decided to recall the most unusual and absurd accidents in which all were still alive and sometimes even happy.

Extraterrestrial collision

Ninth day of October, 1992, several US States passed a meteorite. A bright streak in the sky was recorded by 16 video cameras, but the full space object in the atmosphere is not burned, and crashed into a bright red Chevrolet Malibu parked in the Parking lot of a small town Pixel in the state of new York. At the time of collision of a celestial body traveled at a speed of 264 kilometers per hour, weighed 12 kg and had a diameter of about 30 cm. Later scholars have determined the stone’s age — he was around 4.4 billion years.

Still, this event remains the only confirmed case when the meteorite landed in the car.

Are all glad to see Michelle Knape, the owner of the car. Just yesterday she bought a Chevrolet Malibu for $ 400, and then were able to sell the car with a huge hole in the trunk for 10 thousand dollars. Now this “meteorite car” exhibit in museums around the world.

The most expensive accident

In December of 2011 on one of the highways of Japan has faced 14 cars. It would seem that this accident is not unusual, but if you look at the list of cars involved in the accident, we see eight Ferrari, one Lamborghini Diablo, a Nissan GT-R and three Mercedes-Benz. Closes the list of modest Toyota Prius, whose contribution to the most expensive accident in the world was the void.

The culprit of the incident admitted the 60-year-old man who lost control of his Ferrari in the rain. He was traveling in a convoy of owners of expensive sports cars, when the speed of 150 kilometers per hour, his car skidded and began to throw from one car to another. Your 400-meter uncontrollable “flight”, he finished in the opposite lane, where it caught two more Mercedes.

In the accident was seriously injured, only the car and the culprit is fined in the amount of one hundred thousand yen (50 thousand rubles). Another thing is that the cost of one only a wrecked Ferrari F-360 is more than 230 thousand dollars.

It’s time for insurance

In 2010 an elderly resident of Washington, was prosecuted for no insurance on the car, therefore he went to the insurance company for the conclusion of a new contract. While Parking, the driver confusing the brake and gas, flew his Chrysler Cirrus 1996 release directly to the office door, which had to go on foot.

The neighbouring office of the insurance company the door belonged to the licensing Department, where American citizens are giving and renewing driving license. Due to damage for a couple of days I had to close it.

Two pizzas, please

In January 2013, another elderly man hit the wrong pedal and hit the gas instead of the brake. As a result of this error of his Honda Fit came through the door of the pizzeria of the city of Lincoln in the United States. Due to the compact size of the hatchback severe damage was avoided, and none of the people, fortunately, were not hurt. But the most interesting has occurred further.

While scared visitors of a pizzeria called 911, imperturbable grandpa, sitting in the car, began to make the order. The waiter behind the bar told us that the driver of the incident was not even embarrassed. Later, an elderly motorist was taken to hospital, but doctors there said he is completely healthy and sane.

Was there a donkey?

In the same 2013 Internet users noticed on the panoramic images of Google Maps in Botswana a dead donkey lying on the route of hupmobile with cameras. If you rewind back panoramic pictures along the way, it turns out that this donkey is still a few meters back stood on the sidelines. Bloggers led by the actor from “the Big Bang Theory” Sheldon Cooper and the animal is immediately rendered a verdict: Google Autonomous vehicle was hit by the poor animal.

After a few days the search giant all the accusations rejected, and as evidence published photos are not included in the service Street View. They were shown the hood of hupmobile and approval: the car pulled up to lying on the road, the donkey, and then he got up and went down the road. A few days in this situation thought about Photoshop, and then the hype has subsided.

Museum pit

In 2014, the National Museum Chevrolet Corvette in the town of Bowling green, Kentucky (USA) there was a technical accident: the collapse of the soil. The earth went from under the wheels of eight supercars.

In the resulting crater with a diameter of about 12 meters and a depth of about nine meters failed machine issued in the period from 1962 to 2009.

Among them was a million and a half million copies of the Corvette, donated to the Museum by General Motors.

The incident occurred at 5:45 in the morning, so the exhibition area was empty.

We must pay tribute to the ingenuity of the management of the Museum decided to transform this event in a new exhibition — this exhibition opened in the Museum two years later. Visitors are shown the incident, which was caught on camera, tell us about the nature of occurrence of ground failures, as well as demonstrate whole recovery process supercars.

I think I broke a nail

Lee Redmond was known to many residents of the American city salt lake city because the length of her nails was 8.5 meters. According to this indicator, she had no equal, that a woman made the Guinness Book of records. She did not cut her nails since 1979, but in 2009 everything changed due to an accident.

Being a passenger of the SUV, she got in a car accident, after which he was hospitalized. None received injury did not present a danger to life or health, but her emotional state was badly injured:

Lee Redmond broke her nails.

Again to grow 68-year-old record-holder did not.


It’s spicy dorozhno-transport incident happened in may 2016 in the area of Tsvetnoy Boulevard in Moscow. The driver of the truck “Gazelle” too slammed on the gas, starting from a traffic light, after which the body fell two cardboard boxes. Hitting the pavement, the package burst, and the road slept dozens of dildos.

Around the accident scene gathered a large number of people who began to remove the phone as the driver quickly collects rubber products. Formed a small tube, mainly due to the driver, who was standing directly behind the “Gazelle” and took off juicy moment on camera and the video recorder.


Ninth August 2016 on the street Cherepovets to Moscow from vacuum trucks burst tank. Apparently, the car was driving with a “job”, and unfortunately for others, the contents scattered in all directions.

Very unlucky for the driver of a public bus which jet brown hit right in the side window. Also went to the taxi and a white crossover, standing near the epicenter of the “explosion.” Physically injured in this accident was not, for compensation for moral damage, also, no one asked.


In the Belarusian town of Zhlobin black horse were passing through. She traveled around town in the back of an old Soviet truck, and the driver violated several provisions of the traffic regulations of the Republic of Belarus. EN route, he was obliged to control the placement, fastening and condition of cargo to prevent it shifting and falling. However, at the start of the next traffic light cargo (read — horse) still dropped out of the body.

Judging by the video, the horse was not injured. On the contrary, she quietly walked along the road, MINUGUA on the pavement, whether food, or the way home.