Six people became victims of the hurricane in Moscow

The consequences of the hurricane in Moscopterline: Sobyanin said about 40 victims of the hurricane

Because of the hurricane in Moscow killed six people, reported “Interfax” on Monday, may 29, a source.

According to him, one person was killed on the Kirovograd street, one square of Jawaharlal Nehru, the other on St. Andrew’s quay, two on Cedar street and one in the area of metro station “University”.

Earlier, another source told the news Agency that two people were trapped in the gazebo on the South-West of the capital (with a collapsed tree). Their fate is not known. In addition, one person was injured by a falling tree in the Dmitrov district of Moscow region.

The Metropolitan Directorate of the Investigative Committee confirmed the information about the six victims.

Before it was reported about four victims.

In some districts of Moscow was fallen trees and billboards, one of the stops of public transport pulled out of the ground and threw it towards pedestrians. On many streets damaged cars.

In the Metropolitan Chapter of the Ministry of emergency situations reported that from may 29 to morning of may 30 in Moscow expected heavy rain, hail, thunderstorm with wind gusts of 17-22 meters per second.