Serbian Prime Minister Vucic resigned

Aleksandar Vucic

The Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic resigned. About this politician said in the document sent to the Assembly (Parliament), its content, reports TASS.

“Resign from the post of Chairman of the government of the Republic of Serbia (…) in connection with the inauguration of a President since the April 2 elections, in which I was elected President of Serbia,” — said the politician. Vucic served as head of the government from 27 April 2014.

Presidential elections in Serbia took place on 2 April. According to the national electoral Committee, Vucic got 56.01% of the votes, runner-up Sasha Jankovic — 16.63 per cent.

The President of Serbia is elected for five years, he performs mainly representative functions. Nevertheless, analysts believe that the new Prime Minister will be a technical figure, completely controlled by Vucic.