Serbian Prime Minister Vucic resigned

Serbian Prime Minister Vucic resigned

BELGRADE, may 30 — RIA Novosti. Elected President of Serbia Alexander Vucic submitted to the Assembly (Parliament) his resignation from the post of Prime Minister, told the Cabinet on Tuesday.

Aleksandar Vucic, according to the final results of presidential elections in Serbia, held on 2 April, received the support of 55,08% of voters citizens of Serbia. The term of office of the current President Tomislav Nikolic by law expires on may 31. On Wednesday at 12.00 (13.00 MSK) assigned to the swearing in ceremony and the inauguration of the new President.

“Resign as head of the government of the Republic of Serbia. Resigned in connection with the accession to the presidency of the Republic after the election at which I was elected President of Serbia on 2 April”, — the press service quoted the government statement Vucic.