Putin rebuked Western countries in the bullying themselves

Putin rebuked Western countries in the bullying themselves

The threat allegedly posed by Russia, the President called mythical.

Moscow. May 30. INTERFAX.RU — Russia poses no threat to the West, politics based on such promise, has no future, said President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

“Don’t need to escalate, no need to invent mythical Russian threat, hybrid warfare, and so on. Themselves head and share, and then scare themselves, and on this basis to formulate future policy. No such policy there are no prospects”, — he declared in interview to the newspaper Le Figaro, a fragment of which is published on the newspaper’s website.

According to the President, there is a possibility for cooperation between Russia and NATO in all areas, including on security issues.

“The main problem in security today is terrorism. In Europe blow, in Paris, blow up, blow up Russia, the middle East is a war. Here’s what to think, and we all talk about what a threat Russia poses,” — said Putin.