Puchkov praised the emergency services for his work during hurricane

The head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov said that the emergency services worked well together during and after a hurricane that swept the capital and other regions on may 29. He said this on Tuesday, may 30, during a conference call, RIA Novosti reported.

“The impact of elements occurred in seven subjects of the Russian Federation, and basically all the controls and power worked well”, — said Puchkov. The head of the Ministry stressed that “there were some shortcomings and omissions”.

“Such disasters will continue, because the climate is changing, changing risk and threats, develop social infrastructure, it becomes more vulnerable, and we must ensure quick and prompt recovery,” said the Minister. He also requested the regional commissions on emergency situations prior to 1 June to assess the work of emergency services.

Heavy rain with thunderstorm and gusty winds was held in Moscow and the outskirts of the city on may 29 in the second half of the day. In different parts of the city, the hurricane broke and tore trees, ripped billboards, overturned public transport. It also damaged the roof of the Senate Palace of the Kremlin.

According to recent reports, the victims of the hurricane in the capital and the suburbs were a total of 16 people, injured almost 170.