Published the secret list of forbidden clothing for the presenters of “Bi-bi-si”

Published the secret list of forbidden clothing for the presenters of “Bi-bi-si”

Media published a letter from Samantha Smith (Samantha Smith), the editor of the programme Inside Out South West on “bi-Bi-si”, which discusses the list of clothing items that are prohibited to appear in the frame. About it reports The Independent.

In his address, Smith offers his colleagues to discuss the appearance of leading and making a list, compiled “on the basis of years of experience of errors and absurdities”.

According to Smith, girls in the frame must be in strict jacket, and in the case of “dark stories” to dress in black.

If in a suit a few colors, separate items of clothing must be solid. Separately, the editor stresses the need to close the ankle or pants, or shoes. Denim on field reports, in its view, permissible but undesirable.

Smith also advised the women leading hairstyle with shoulder length hair or shorter.

In the stop-list are the following items of clothing:

any product from natural or artificial leather or latex, jewelry, sunglasses, shorts, chinos, tights with bold pattern, sweat pants, cardigans, and sneakers, flip-flops and sandals.

In a press-service “bi-Bi-si” has explained that the letter was sent to a narrow circle of employees who need to know what “works and does not work in the frame.”

In January on Australian television two leading quarrel over similar clothing.

A few minutes before the broadcast it was revealed that three women, who were to appear in the frame, dressed in white. Because of this, two leading long disputing who of them will wear the black jacket.