Moscow announced the questions to the US and NATO about an unidentified aircraft over Afghanistan

In Moscow interested in what is known US and NATO about membership of the so-called unidentified aircraft in the skies of Afghanistan. On Tuesday, may 30, the commentary said Russian foreign Ministry posted on the Ministry website.

The Ministry drew attention to the regular reports of flights in different parts of Afghanistan, “an unidentified aircraft is seen in support of local militants Islamic state” (ISIS, a terrorist group banned in Russia). We are talking about weapons and other supplies, which supplied the extremists in the three Northern provinces of the country: Gausden, Farabi and SAR-I-Pul.

Ministry of foreign Affairs said that Afghanistan has over 15 years based the US military presence and of NATO. “And the Afghan air force is chronically lack of serviceable aircraft and qualified flight personnel”, — reported in Department.

“The representative of the provincial Council of the southern Ghazni province publicly stated about the presence of helicopters unmarked controlled by the terrorists territories of counties Vagaz and Hogan”, — stated in the message.