In St. Petersburg on the orange line of the metro there is free Wi-Fi

In St. Petersburg on the orange line of the metro there is free Wi-Fi

However, passengers still have problems connecting.

Moscow. May 30. INTERFAX.RU — Residents of St. Petersburg from Tuesday will be able to use on orange (fourth) line of the metro free Wi-Fi Internet access.

As the representative of the company “Maximalism” (serves Wi-Fi network), the Internet can connect up to 200 devices in each car. The composition is connected to the network at speeds of over 200 Mbps, with restrictions on the volume of consumed traffic is not.

Free Wi-Fi in test mode earned on separate stations of St. Petersburg metro at the end of 2015. As part of the launch of the first network segment to the tunnels was established more than 40 base stations Wi-Fi. Currently equipped with all of the 28 trains running on the orange metro line.

Meanwhile, eyewitnesses have reported difficulties connecting to the Internet. “People already try to connect in the lobby or on the escalator, but the network appears in only access on the platform. In the end, even if the top of the screen appears, if everything is connected, Internet use is impossible, nothing works. In the meantime, you will understand what and how to authorize, have already arrived, it’s time to get out of the car,” — told “Interfax” one of the passengers.

“To authorize the desired phone number. But after connection it doesn’t do anything. It must be a lot of wishing, or a weak signal,” complained another user.

Tuesday also was the start of the project “Mobile library”, in which St. Petersburg can free download books on the subway. The library is available more than 750 thousand books art, children’s, educational and business books, including 7 thousand of free books. When you first visit the “Mobile library”, the user receives a gift of 100 books included in the top list of sales, including books of St. Petersburg writers.

Earlier it was reported that the authorities of St. Petersburg plan to equip the entire metro free Wi-Fi to 8 December 2017. The project will be implemented on the own funds of the contractor, of the company “Maximalism” (the operator of the Wi-Fi network in the Moscow metro). The project is estimated at about $ 1.8 billion.