In Moscow announced the possible visit of Boris Johnson in Russia

Boris Johnson

The foreign Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson can come to Russia after the formation of the new government of the United Kingdom. This was stated by first Deputy Russian foreign Minister Vladimir Titov, reports RIA Novosti.

According to him, the organization of the meeting of the Russian and British foreign Ministers would return only after the early elections in the UK, scheduled for 8 June.

The vote will take place at the initiative of Prime Minister Theresa may. The British government believes that the elections will strengthen the position of the conservatives in Parliament in the run-up to the active phase of the output of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

March 28 Mei signed a letter with the notice of the authorities of the European Union about the formal start of procedure Brexit — the exit from the EU. Negotiations on the terms Brexit will take two years.

The decision to withdraw Britain from the European Union was adopted by referendum on 23 June 2016. The rejection of EU membership was supported by more than half of voters.

It was originally planned that Johnson will visit Moscow in late March. His visit was announced by the foreign office. Officially the travel date is not known, but later the British media reported the transfer. The reason was the desire of the Minister to participate in the meeting of foreign Ministers of countries-members of NATO, which was postponed from April 5-6 March 31. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson.

Subsequently, it was assumed that the head of the foreign office will arrive in the Russian capital on 10 April, but two days before on the website of the foreign Ministry of the United Kingdom published a message which said that Johnson will not travel to Moscow because of Russia’s position on the chemical attack in the Syrian city of Khan shaykhun, perfect on 4 April.