Hurricane in Moscow, 11 people were killed and more than 150 injured

Hurricane in Moscow, 11 people were killed and more than 150 injured

MOSCOW, may 30 — RIA Novosti. A powerful storm with rain and a thunderstorm raging in Moscow and the capital region on Monday killed at least 11 people and caused significant damage: hundreds of fallen trees, broken machines, failures in the public transport. Was hospitalized almost 150 people, 108 of whom remain in hospitals, including 22 children.

“Hotline” of EMERCOM of Russia in Moscow 8 (800) 775-17-17″hotline” of EMERCOM of Russia in Moscow Podrobnee-for a squally wind in Moscow, 11 people were killed and more than 50 people were injured. In addition, because of the strong gusts of wind had felled hundreds of trees.

On Monday afternoon in Moscow started the storm with rain and thunderstorms. Gusts of wind reached 16 meters per second.

More than 150 injured and 11 dead

The press service of the Department of health of the capital told RIA Novosti that as a result of the hurricane in Moscow, killing 11 people. On the morning of Tuesday the head of the Department Alexei Khripun reported that just admitted to hospital because of the hurricane was almost 150 people, 108 of them remain in hospitals, including eight people in critical condition.

“Yesterday in the afternoon and evening at the same time in 15 adult hospitals and six children’s hospitals was delivered 146 patients with various injuries suffered during the hurricane… Of the 146 people who took in the clinic, remains of 108 people, including 22 children,” said the official.

The vast majority were hospitalized in satisfactory condition or moderate, but eight people are in serious condition, he said.

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin in his Twitter expressed his condolences to the families of the victims.

The storm has killed more than 40 people have sought medical help. My condolences to the family and friends of the victims

— Sergey Sobyanin (@MosSobyanin) 29 may 2017
Residents of suburbs also suffered from the elements.

Sheet metal to death crushed the person in the Moscow suburb of Krasnogorsk, torn by a strong wind. In suburban Lyubertsy eight people suffered because of the hurricane, one child is in critical condition. In the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region in the fall the tree hurt the child.

The head of SK Alexander Bastrykin has charged to heads of investigation units to thoroughly examine and establish the circumstances of the incident, and Central office staff to monitor the progress and results of these inspections.

Hundreds of fallen trees, collapse of structures

As said Deputy head of the Moscow Central Board MOE Andrey Mishchenko, during a hurricane in the MOE received more than 4.5 thousand applications about the incident.

“The highest number of requests were received from the citizens from the territories of the southern, South-Western, Western and South-Eastern administrative districts”, he said, adding that reports of the incidents came from the territory of the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative area and Zelenograd.

Press Secretary of the mayor of Moscow has told RIA Novosti that due to a natural disaster felled in the city were 3.5 thousand trees.

In addition, the wind damaged cars, power lines and Railways.

The press service of the city district Lyubertsy announced in turn that as a result of hurricane winds on may 29 in the district had fallen and broken more than 500 trees, and one of the trees fell on the taxi. According to the authorities of the County, also injured more than 15 cars, two children and one container yard. Damaged hundreds of metres of fencing. As a result of breakage of the wires disconnected several districts of the County. For coordination of works on liquidation of consequences of elements in the administration of the urban district created an operational headquarters.

Useful informationthe car because of the wind fell the tree. What to do?

Along the Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway storm knocked down dozens of trees, many of them uprooted. In some places, broken power lines. Driving on the highway at this point is not very complicated. The trees that fell on the road, workers moved roadside.

It was also reported that hurricane squally winds knocked down trees in suburban residence of the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in Gorki, in the result of departure from the residence was locked and the participants of the meeting chaired by the Prime Minister, as well as journalists more than half an hour could not leave the residence until workers are not eliminated the effects of natural disasters. Vehicle, where the meetings had come to Gorki, was not injured.

Also because of the hurricane in the Istra district of Moscow region hit the famous pyramid of Alexander Golod that has entered the guidebooks as one of the attractions of the region. The building was designed to investigate the influence of the pyramids on the environment, however, most scientists do not recognize this scientific project. “No one was hurt, no casualties,” — said the press service of the district, confirming the information about the collapse of the structure. According to the press service, in the district there are 14 emergency crews on elimination of consequences of elements.

The storm did some damage to one of the temples of Moscow region — strong wind tore the cross on the Central dome of the Church of Nativity in Korolev, near Moscow, reported RIA Novosti, the parishioners, who were not injured because of the incident. Also because of the element of about 24 thousand inhabitants of the Queen on Monday afternoon remained without electricity, now it is restored.

Delay of flights

Despite the fact that earlier representatives of the air Harbor of the capital told RIA Novosti that the Moscow airports in severe weather conditions work full-time, the data on the portal “Yandex. Schedule” indicate that nearly 30 flights delayed in Moscow airports, 13 flights canceled.

According to the service at 18.00 GMT at the airport “Domodedovo” 16 flights were delayed, cancelled 13. In “Sheremetyevo” status “detained” had 13 flights.

Information about delayed and cancelled flights at the airports “Vnukovo” and “Zhukovskiy” the portal was not specified.

Disruptions in the capital’s metro and ICC

Clockwise motion on the Moscow Central ring was temporarily suspended because of the hurricane, the train was without stopping through the station “Baltic” and “Koptevo”. As reported in the press service of the ICC, the railroad made no effort to eliminate the effects of bad weather, and movement was restored to its former mode.

In addition, fallen out of a tree was the cause of the increase headways on the Filevskaya (blue) line of the Moscow metro, two stations — “Filevsky Park” and “pioneer” — was for some time closed.

By the evening the Moscow metro and ICC worked without any delay on schedule.

The worsening traffic situation

As warned in the press service of the Center for organization of traffic (TSODD) on Monday, bad weather may adversely affect the traffic situation. “In connection with adverse weather conditions increases the likelihood of road accidents,” — said in the message.

In the MANAGEMENT asked drivers to be careful on the roads to avoid an increase in the number of accidents and complications of the traffic situation. Possible owners are advised not to Park cars near trees and poorly fortified structures and use of public transport.

In a press-service “mosgortransa” in turn, reported about delays in public transport due to the hurricane. So, according to the company, had violated the timetable of the six tram routes and ten routes of buses.

Later in the Department of transport in the city reported that the capital’s public transport is working normally after hurricane, the delay in its traffic is local.

Moscow eliminate the consequences

Urban services of housing and communal services in Moscow on Monday evening, started to liquidate the effects of the hurricane, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the Department of housing.

Is the cleaning and removal of fallen trees, restoration of lampposts, fences and damaged pavilions of urban public transport.The press service of the Department of housing of Moscow

Mosvodostok in advance provided the balance of emergency crews and machinery in places of possible accumulation of water. As previously reported, over 360 teams “Mosvodostok” have been translated into enhanced mode. 18.00 bids for the accumulation of water in the Central dispatching service of the enterprise were not received.

Housing and communal services of Moscow region is ready for emergencies

Services housing and communal services of Moscow region stated that work in a regular mode, despite the hurricane. Press service of Vice Prime Minister of the region Dmitry Pestov said that enterprises of fuel and energy complex and housing and communal services in the region in connection with the hurricane is given in the mode of increased readiness. All the enterprises of the fuel and energy complex and housing and communal services of the Moscow region installed the clock duty management and operational staff, checked availability of repair crews and equipment for rapid elimination of technological violations.

“In case of emergency situations in energy supply in the suburbs formed 745 emergency repair crews of energy companies. For the rapid restoration of electricity supply has prepared more than 1 thousand diesel power plants. In accordance with the technical standards for all key substations and main transmission lines of the Moscow region are equipped with modern protection from lightning strikes,” said Pestov.

In the readiness and the brigade of the Moscow regional specialized emergency repair service.

Appeal to insurers

About 60 applications were received by the insurance company “RESO-Guarantee” from car owners, the cars which have suffered from hurricane in the Moscow region, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the insurance company.

We deal with clients whose property was damaged by hurricane in Moscow. At 17.30 has received about 60 phone calls. Everything related to cars.The press service of the insurance company “RESO-Guarantee”

Basically, the damage associated with falling tree limbs, objects, broken Windows, said the same. “The amount of damages to assess, of course, still impossible”, — said the press service.

According to the insurer, applications for other types of insurance (housing, health) have not yet been reported. As have informed RIA of news in the insurance company “Consent”, it received 11 complaints from car owners, the cars which have suffered from hurricane in the Moscow region.

“So far we have 11 addresses in hull, nine of them (cars) have been damaged due to falling trees and branches, and two — because of the falling of the roof,” said an insurance company. “While we are talking about complaints received by phone, it is difficult to assess the damage without seeing the damage. We shall pay according to established terms in the rules of insurance,” the company said.

The company “Alfa insurance” has registered more than 100 complaints from customers in connection with natural disasters in the Moscow region, told RIA Novosti the official representative of the insurer, adding that the experts call-center company currently record growth in the number of calls and strive to help all applicants with questions, giving advice on how to fix the insurance case and the right to form a package of documents for receiving payments.

Hurricane in Moscow

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