Climber “ran” Everest twice in a week

Climber “ran” Everest twice in a week

Spanish climber and a runner on long distances Kilian Jornet says that he climbed Everest for the second time this week for a unique short time he went without oxygen.

Kilian Jornet, a 29-year-old from Catalonia, said that he had reached the point 8,848 m at 9pm local time on Saturday after 17 hours of climbing, reports The Guardian.

The climb has yet to be officially confirmed. It’s only 15 minutes less than the record set by the Italian climber Hans Kammerlander, who has climbed Everest in 16 hours and 45 minutes in 1996.

Kilian Jornet summited Mount Everest twice in a week without using supplemental oxygen from ABC in 17 hours

— Summits of My Life (@SummitsofMyLife) May 28, 2017

Jornet started from the base camp located at an altitude of 6500 m and was on the usual route. The weather was good, except for the strong wind which slowed the movement. Back the Spaniard after 29 hours and 30 minutes.

I think the double ascent of Everest in one week without oxygen opens a new realm of possibilities in mountaineering, and I’m very glad I did it.Kilian Jornet

Five days ago, Jornet said that got to the top of the highest mountain in the world for 26 hours.

Note that during the conquest of Chomolungma only 200 climbers climbed the peak without oxygen tanks and ropes.

The majority of climbers to conquer mount Everest takes two to three weeks.